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Kim has long been a wine lover and enthusiast. She has taken countless trips to wine country over the years, but it was one visit in particular that changed the course of her life. The financial sector was a great career for Kim. She did well and enjoyed her life in Houston, but once bitten by the winemaking bug, she and her husband packed their belongings and headed for Northern California. Following her passion, she settled on Russian River Valley as an artistic canvas and focused on learning the idiosyncrasies of her favorite finicky grape, Pinot Noir.
Top Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

2016 is the sixth vintage and Zoetic Wines' portfolio is expanding. The wine itself is developing a cult-like following. Take advantage of any opportunity to secure Zoetic Wines while it still flies under the radar. Surely it won't stay that way.

Best Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Zoetic Wines
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Zoetic Wines
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