Wineries & Stories

Reynoso Vineyards
Chicago transplants Joe and Elana Reynoso now live in Sonoma, California, making wine with the philosophy that the wine speaks of its vintage and place, rather than wines that have been engineered in the cellar after harvest.
Ramspur Winery
The Ramspur name comes from a combination of “ram”, the Spanish word for Carneros, and the location of this breathtaking "spur" of land. Nancy Otton, Ramspur’s Owner and Winemaker, is a very busy woman with many talents. Not only does she make award-winning wine at Ramspur, she partners with two friends to make wine for Toolbox Wine Co. and she is a certified pilot!
Porter Family Vineyards
The Porter Family Vineyards story starts five million years ago when a small sandpiper wandered along the shore. The tiny tracks the sandpiper left behind were covered with sediment and fossilized by the geological forces. It was during excavation to build a winery in the hillside that these fossils were discovered. Today this land is proudly known as Porter Family Vineyards. Within the walls of that hill, fifty feet underground, lays an excavated 17,000 square foot winery. Vines still stand on and around the hill, however, the only clues to the winery’s existence are two entrances that come up and out at two ends.
Phipps Family Cellars
Founded in 2004 by Jennifer and Andrew Phipps, the Phipps family makes small to medium production wines that pay homage to the finest winemaking practices and vineyards in California. Across their winery’s years of growth, they now produce Sauvignon Blanc, Mélange Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.
Petroni Vineyards
For years, Lorenzo Petroni dreamed of bringing his love for wine to California. In 1992, he and his wife Maria Elena purchased a 37 acre estate just south of the famed Monte Rosso Vineyard in Sonoma Valley, the perfect location to produce his world class wines. At a steep 800 foot elevation, the mineral rich and rocky soil with south facing exposure proved the ideal spot in which to grow wine grapes.