Wineries & Stories

Wesley Ashley Wines
From Wesley Ashley Wines comes this Rhone style blend. The name Wesley Ashley, a combination of owner Jim Sloate’s middle name and his daughter’s middle name, is family run and fueled by a passion for making fine wines that are approachable and easy drinking. Jim Sloate is passionate about Rhone style wines and knew from the start that he would want to focus on Rhone varietals.
Webster Cellars
Keith is a fascinating individual with a history as complex as his great wines. Since his father was a spy, he spent many of his childhood years in Europe. His family integrated with the European culture, allowing Keith to have small amounts of wine with dinner. Years later Keith had a passion and intrigue for Bordeaux wines and set out to learn more. At the same time, he was working on his other passion, art.
Waxwing Wines
Winemaker and Proprietor of Waxwing Wines, Scott Sisemore, uses traditional methods to craft limited-production wines using the varietals he knows and loves, particularly Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Riesling from cooler vineyards near the California coast – Sonoma Coast, Santa Cruz, Santa Lucia Highlands.
Von Holt Wines
The Von Holts are quite the worldly couple. Pam was exposed to wine from a young age through a French neighbor who allowed the children to taste small amounts of wine. As an adult living in San Francisco, Pam spent a lot of time in wine country cultivating her palate. As a successful business woman, she has consulted on fine wine and food pairings for numerous client dinners.
Vine Cliff Winery
The fascinating story of Vine Cliff Winery dates back to the 1800's. The original vines were planted by one of the early Napa pioneers, George Yount (Yountville's namesake) in 1830. After Mr. Yount's death, Vine Cliff came under new ownership and by the 1880's was an impressive and thriving winemaking facility. Perhaps most notable and memorable about the 1880's and 1890's is that Vine Cliff became a social retreat and playground for rich and famous San Franciscans.