Wineries & Stories

Friedeman Wines
Originally from the Windy City, the wine bug bit and soon after, Brooks and Jessica Friedeman set off for California to realize a dream of honing their winemaking skills first-hand. Focusing on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, their decision was based on a long-time passion for the varietals of Burgundy, France. Vineyard selections are crucial in their goal to make balanced wine with good acidity, so of course sourcing from the Western edge of the Russian River Valley is an ideal microclimate for these varietals.
Gallegos Wines
Ignacio Gallegos, Sr. came to the United States in 1956 in search of work, but found a passion. The Gallegos family is among the first Mexican families to settle in St. Helena, CA. Even after his recent passing, the legacy of Ignacio Gallegos, Sr. lives on in the next two generations of the family.
Gauthier Select Vineyards
With generations of French winemakers in the Gauthier family tree and a mentorship by wine country icons like Rodney Strong, you'd expect a haughty man in Greg Gauthier. Not so. A modest man, gracious and giving as he is hard working, Greg Gauthier has a passion for diamonds in the rough. Believing certain spots grow the best grapes for each varietal, he seeks out perfect grape growing vineyard locations for his wine selections, sometimes "selecting" just a row or two in a particular location of a vineyard.
Glasshaus Wines
Serendipity! Every winery has a special story of how they came to be, but a bike accident in Burgundy initiating a passion for winemaking? It's true. Boston born, Rodney Gagnon met the mayor of a quaint Burgundy town while recovering. One taste of the mayor's privately produced wines and Rodney was hooked.
Greyscale Wines
Launched in 2009, Jean and Larry Rowe of Greyscale Wines feel they are living their dream. Taking inspiration from Jean's childhood of growing up in the vineyard and their combined world travels to famous wine regions, they turned a dream of making their own wine into a reality.