Wineries & Stories

Courtesan Wines
Bridget was born and raised in the heart of wine country in Oakville, CA. As a child she even attempted to make her own wine by collecting grapes from a neighboring vineyard and stomping on them I Love Lucy style. While this first attempt at winemaking was not successful, Bridget spent years working in various positions in wineries learning the business.
CRU9 Wine
CRU9, a playful twist on the French wine term ‘cru’, was founded by the passionate, high-energy and philanthropic Faythe Stone-Brocka, the youngest of nine siblings (hence, the “9”) from Lawler, Iowa. Faythe’s passion for serving people and being an advocate for their success laid the foundation for the CRU9 brand.
Davis Family Vineyards
A fascinating journey guided Guy Davis toward owning his own vineyards and winery in the heart of Pinot Noir country, Russian River Valley. With early aspirations of a career in economics, a restaurant job with a chef passionate about wine took Guy's dream in a new direction.
Del Dotto Vineyards
Family owned and operated, Del Dotto has become one of the most sought after wineries to visit in Napa Valley. In 2007 the new Del Dotto Venetian Estate Winery and Caves opened its opulent doors to the public. The main building may be beautiful and ornate, but the candle lit caves are where you’ll find all the action.
Delgadillo Cellars
Delgadillo Cellars is truly committed to releasing the highest quality wine. They do this with an unusual philosophy. They believe staying small helps them interact more effectively with consumers. There are also other key factors at play making the Delgadillo experience a unique one. It begins with an All-American story.