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Wine – The Social Lubricant

The more I think about it, the more I believe that wine, the ultimate social lubricant, can change the world.  I believe it so much I created Humanitas Winery for that very purpose.  What I mean by this is that the power of wine brings people together in such a positive way that it can galvanize & unify people to make a difference…just because they can.

I don’t know of anything else with quite this power.

you can change the world 

Try this — next time you get together with a group of friends or associates and the wine starts to flow — take 10 minutes to ask the question of the group “What can we do to make a positive impact in the community?”  My guess it won’t even take 10 minutes to come up with something enlightening & amazing.  Try it without wine, and you may never come up with a single idea.  Seriously.


And when you’ve done this — drop me a comment about your activity (  You see, wine can…and will make the world a better place…one sip at a time!

Remember the words of Margrit Biever Mondavi...

"If it were a prescription it would read: 2 glasses with every meal. It enhances food, reduces stress, encourages friendship, kindles romance and in moderation it helps digestion, protects the heart, promotes good health, and it definitely helps our disposition. 


However, if abused, it is unsafe, potentially dangerous and decidedly uncivilized. And, while you may not be able to play tennis when you are 90, you can enjoy a glass of good wine indefinitely."

Go ahead…drink charitably!

Guest blog courtesy of:
Judd Wallenbrock Founder/Proprietor, Humanitas Wines

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Published by Carrie Schuster