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Shelter In Place Wine Tastings by Cellar Angels






March 20, 2020




Online wine company Cellar Angels launches virtual wine tasting events

Weekly "live" tasting and interview series with Napa and Sonoma winemakers

Participants treated to impeccable wine access and VIP gifts


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS., Online wine company Cellar Angels is launching a virtual tasting and interview series to help wine enthusiasts cope with what founder Martin Cody hopes is not the new normal. “In a bizarre irony this is déjà vu as we founded Cellar Angels ten years ago on the heels of the last great recession and now here we are again. Given that nearly everyone is experiencing some sort of shelter in place arrangement, we wanted to try our best to virtually come together.” Beginning tonight at 7:00 p.m., Cody will be interviewing each weeks winemakers from Napa and Sonoma Valley, while showcasing their wines.


Founded in 2010, Cellar Angels is a leading wine curator in the Direct to Consumer (DtC) space. The DtC space is the fastest growing segment in the overall U.S. wine market and represents a vital sales channel for the small, limited production and, often family owned, wineries in the United States.


The company focuses exclusively on America’s two most famous wine regions, the Napa and Sonoma Valley's, sourcing wines rarely available to the general public. Cody explains the company’s focus, “Most people don’t realize until they visit the Valley, that you have roughly 1,500 wineries within Napa and Sonoma, and 85% produce under 5,000 cases of wine. As a result, these small wineries have extreme difficulty getting their wines in front of consumers, as rarely will a distributor carry a wine where just a few hundred cases were made. This is where we come in, bypassing all the middlemen mark-ups and making the wines available direct to the consumer.” Cody knows about the market intricacies as he used to own a retail wine store in Chicago. Cellar Angels also gives a percentage of proceeds from each transaction to a charity partner of the customer's choosing.


The tasting series is expected to be every Friday evening at 7:00pm CST, field questions from the virtual national audience and to provide a respite from the Covid-19 restrictions around the country. The inaugural event tonight will feature winemaker/owner Chad Angelo of Angelo Cellars and is accessible through the Cellar Angels’ Facebook page or here: 



Press Contact: Ivy Phanith


March 20, 2020