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Message in a Wine Bottle: Save the Oceans

CHICAGO, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The next time you head to the ocean and drink a glass of wine, you might be helping protect the water your kids are swimming in.

Cellar Angels (, a wine-philanthropy group, is donating a portion of proceeds from wine sales to the Sea-thos Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes education and awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans.

"All of the world's great wine regions are impacted by the oceans. Wine and water and inextricably linked. We thought this would be a great cause to help," said Martin Cody, president of Cellar Angels, a wine buying club offering fantastic wines at discounted prices to its members and donates a portion of proceeds to charities. Most wines are from small, family run, boutique vineyards in the Napa and Sonoma areas of California. "When you go to the beach on vacation, you can help save the earth and protect the ecology."

Cellar Angels helps other charities as well.

"We try to represent all areas of philanthropy. We already have concentrations in health and pediatric advancement. We did not have anything eco-friendly and we wanted to have a presence there," he said. Other groups partnering with Cellar Angels include Children's Cardiology Foundation, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, The Ounce of Prevention and Auction Napa Valley. Unlike other cause-related marketing events, the customer can select which worthy group will get their donation.

"Our number one goal is to help our winery partners sell as much wine online as possible so we can contribute as many dollars as possible to as many good causes as possible," said Cody.

Michael Schwab, co-founder of Sea-thos Foundation, said, "We need to make people understand that the ocean is dying and if it dies we die. The majority of the people on this planet fail to make that connection and it's taking its toll. It's time to give the ocean a voice. Our partnership with Cellar Angels allows its members to do just that."

Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts, Sea-thos Ambassador, is passionate about raising awareness to protect our oceans. "Here we have the ocean, it's like a treasured member of our family that we need to care for. It's our greatest resource. It's 2/3 of the planet. It's now time that we all see what's happened and what we've all done together as a collective. If we can't undo it, let's at least stop doing it."

Cellar Angels offers its members discounted pricing on high-quality bottles of wine. Each week, Cellar Angels features an exclusive wine offer with detailed tasting notes and food pairings. The weekly offer also features exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes info and interviews the owner or wine maker so buyers can get to know the vintner. To see a sample video, go to

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Only members can order wine. Membership is free and is open to people who are over 21 years of age and live in states that allow for wine to be shipped. Members are notified by email of the new special each week.

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Cellar Angels posts wine information tips and wine reviews on its blog, which is called "The Daily Flight."

About Cellar Angels

Based in Chicago, Cellar Angels was created by a compassionate group of wine loving friends intent on changing the world. Our mission is simple: connect small and family run wineries to a larger audience, expose wine lovers to incredible purchase opportunities offered exclusively to Cellar Angels members from partnering vineyards, and provide assistance to a select group of charities. We love wine. We love introducing others to great wine and we love helping others. Cellar Angels provides an opportunity to accomplish all three.

About Sea-thos

The Sea-thos Foundation exists to promote education and awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans. Established in 2010 by Michael Schwab, Chris Jensen and Nick Behunin, Sea-thos Foundation, headquartered in Venice, California is a worldwide not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to promote education and awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans. Sea-thos Foundation is dedicated to the use of innovative scientific research coupled with modern day media campaigns to spotlight the many challenges facing our oceans today.

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