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Kentucky Derby: Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

By Martin Cody, CEO, Cellar Angels

Today the most exciting two minutes in sports happens during the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. The length is 1 ¼ miles and the fastest time recorded was in 1973 by the famed Secretariat at one minute, fifty-nine and two fifths seconds. In two minutes later this afternoon life will change for a few people associated and responsible for the beautiful thoroughbred. Having grown up around horses, I’ve been drawn to these animals for quite some time. However, it’s what can happen in just two minutes that will change lives is what I find more intriguing. We’ll never be able to run a mile and a quarter in two minutes, but at this moment you have a greater ability to change many more lives than the winner of today’s race. Here’s what you can do:

Click here to secure some of the finest wine available. And when you pick a charity, here are a few things that will happen.

SOC-F. You may not know this but families of Special Operations of soldiers often fall through the cracks of our healthcare system due to the dysfunctions of definitions. As these soldiers are often on “secret” missions without official classification, their death benefits are non-existent. Thus the families are left with both the loss of a loved one and difficulties making ends meet. SOC-F helps provide these families with basic services and 100% of every dollar goes to the families.

Generation Rescue, helps families dealing with the rising costs of treating children with autism. The numbers of increasing diagnosis of autism is alarming enough, however it costs families on average $86,000 per year for treatment. Each purchase helps provide grants for these families to live.

PCRF, another long term Cellar Angels' partner helping families deal, treat and pay for services to help children with cancer. Children, cancer. Two words I don’t like in the same sentence. PCRF performs fantastic services with a skeleton crew and have supported Cellar Angels for over 4 years.

Any of the partners on our cause page will benefit from your wine purchases. In just two minutes you can change lives AND have sensational wine delivered to your door. Granted, you won’t be performing this purchase feat in front of 100,000 people, but is it any less exciting what you can accomplish in two minutes by clicking here?  If you want to go above, forward this email to ten wine loving friends and ask for their help. Take action. At the end of the race, no matter the outcome, you will be a winner.

Published by Carrie Schuster