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I had a dream about you last night

By Martin A. Cody, President and Co-Founder of Cellar Angels

Six years ago this month I dreamt about a wine company that would change the world. You were in that dream. At the time I was co-owner of a boutique bricks and mortar wine shop with my wife Denise and the global economy was in meltdown. Do you remember? Famous Chicago restaurants were closing their doors, iconic wineries in Napa and Sonoma were going bankrupt and national unemployment was at staggering 9.6%. Inspired by the belief and conviction of Margaret Mead’s famous quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”, I set out to stare down despair and created Cellar Angels. You are one of the thoughtful citizens we rely on to change the world.

When you help us change the world by purchasing wine you immediately become accepted into a rare group of action-takers called Cellar Angels. We Cellar Angels don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk as well. Actions have always spoken louder than words and nothing speaks with a more measured and powerful tone than when we purchase Cellar Angels’ partner wines. We are the ones getting things done. We are the ones helping wineries grow and most importantly changing the world of our charity partners. For all of your assistance we say thank you. Every single time you purchase from Cellar Angels you tell the world you too are a dreamer and firmly solidify your spot in this passionate group of world-changers. World changers dream big.

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I dream military veterans, especially those within the Special Operations units don’t fall through the cracks of our broken healthcare system and get the treatment they deserve and services are provided their families—so we inked a charity partnership with Special Operations Care Fund or SOC-F. I dream children, especially young girls shouldn’t have their self-image shaped by a media culture endlessly promoting and glamorizing anorexic models so we partnered with About Face to help young children foster positive self-esteem. I dream we deserve a world without cancer but until such time I want to do all I can to support those organizations helping others deal with cancer. We have five charities doing just that and I dream you too wish to help them as far too many of us are touched by this disease.special operations care fund charity

And finally I share in the dream echoed by Robert Mondavi that everyone is entitled to the good life and fine-wine is a part of that life. I dream these dreams but I know without action they will remain just that, dreams. When you order on Sunday wine is often packed and shipped the following day. That means by Friday you can be raising a glass to your own dreams as your purchase makes a difference. I hope you take a few minutes to order and dream with me as together we are the committed citizens changing the world.

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Order here and change the world.

Peace, health and happiness,

Martin A. Cody

Published by Carrie Schuster