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How to Get A Personalized Wine Subscription Experience with the Cellar Angels Wine Club Membership

When you’re searching for a wine club to join online, the options are endless and can be very confusing. You can spend countless hours researching websites and narrowing down options, but if you find yourself never getting the answers you’re looking for, you’ll end up even more confused and back to square one. What is really in the bottle of wine hidden by the trendy labels? Why are wines all so available and suddenly on every influencer’s Instagram feed? Do you know where your money goes when you purchase those bottles every month? Is that fancy AI wine quiz just a clever way to get answers to questions you already have? And besides, wine tastes change, frequently and how does a machine learning test account for those variances? There’s a much easier and faster option available.

The truth is, if you’re already familiar with some of the wine regions and wine varietals, you’ll likely have to invest considerable time to locate selections you’ll feel confident opening with your friends and family every single time. And those bottles are rarely mass-produced and usually only available at the winery or their website, sometimes even exclusive to that winery’s wine club. 

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Enter the Cellar Angels Wine Clubs, the only premium wine subscription that caters to the serious wine lover who seeks a high quality wine club experience. We’re talking about limited production, hand crafted wines only few will have the privilege to experience. Are you that wine lover? 

Today we explain how you can get the best personalized wine experience no matter what the level of Napa and Sonoma wine enthusiast you are. After reading this, we hope you will get every question answered and ready to make a decision to join and start receiving premium, under the radar wines of the California Wine Country directly to your door.

Bring Napa and Sonoma to You

If indeed our most precious asset is time, why waste it belonging to a wine club not tailored to your specific needs? When we launched our first two wine clubs at Cellar Angels (we now have three!) we invested months in researching wine clubs. Did you know there’s over 1,000 wine clubs in America? We quickly recognized that most clubs, except those from the wineries themselves, ALL worked with the distribution channel. What? So these wine clubs literally purchase excess inventory from distributors, repackage the wines, stuff in some glossy collateral and send the wines out to you. It helps explain the “special” deal they were able to secure on the wine from Puglia! No thank you. Limited time and reduced opportunities to travel shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying everything wine country has to offer. At Cellar Angels we forage for the finest bottles from exclusive, artisan, and small-batch producers EXCLUSIVELY in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Then, we share these rare treasures through our quarterly Wine Club selections. We do the work, so you can reap all the benefits. But that’s only the beginning.

While we may not offer you a kitschy quiz to tell you what wine fits your personality or taste, we assure you every single bottle sourced for the Cellar Angels Wine Club is hand-crafted by some of the top winemakers in the Napa and Sonoma valleys and often the world. Each quarter Cellar Angels focuses on presenting wines from a new wine producer, going deep into their portfolio of offerings. Transparency is very important to us, so all the tech information, including vineyard sources, winemaking styles, aging information and tasting notes are always disclosed. 

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Through the winemaker interviews you will also get to meet the people who craft the wines. Do you want to know more about the people who made the wines? Every winery has a unique story and every story needs to be told. You will learn about the regions, winemakers, vineyards and winemaking practices. We tell their stories so that you can share their wines.

While wine labels may sometimes be mysterious, all wines featured on Cellar Angels are always premium, artisan, small batch wines that are rarely available at retail stores. Think of it as farm to table wine, those who really care about what goes into their body will take advantage of this knowledge. 

The following personalized wine subscription experiences are now available with the Cellar Angels Wine Club Membership and include the below selections

Best Wine Club to Discover California AVAs

6 bottles, $150 per quarter (shipping included)

Flight Club is our newest option for wine club enthusiasts that delivers six bottles of wine to your door for just $150 per quarter, including shipping. The club is designed for the individual aspiring for a lifelong pursuit of wine and is perhaps early in their wine journey. All wines are premium hand-crafted wines from Napa and Sonoma’s top vineyards. Wine lovers new to California wines will enjoy the great value and variety. Like with every Cellar Angels wine club, each quarterly release features one small, limited production winery whose wares are difficult to find but a treasure to behold.

Best Wine Club for the Wine Country Aficionado

6-8 bottles, $250 - $350 per quarter  (shipping included)

Tasting Room Club is designed for those who know their way around the valley and love that Rutherford Dust or the magic and diversity within Dry Creek  Members receive five to eight bottles of wine with every quarterly shipment at $250 to $350 per shipment, including shipping. Subscriptions include a mix of highly rated wines and hard to find prestigious bottles that every Napa and Sonoma wine aficionado will truly cherish and enjoy sharing. At this moderate price point Tasting Room  is the club where we flex some well honed Cellar Angels’ muscles and leverage two decades of wine country relations to select precisely what resonates with our members. 

Best Wine Club for the Busy Wine Collector

8-12 bottles, $500 - $700 per quarter  (shipping included)

Library Club is the perfect wine club option for wine aficionados who enjoy splurging on the best and adding a few trophy bottles to their wine collection. Each quarter subscribers receive 8 to 12 bottles of wine at $500 to $700 including shipping, and include all the bottles from the Tasting Room Club plus special winemaker selections. You remember those experiences of you with the winemaker when they retrieve a couple special bottles for your group? The ones NOT on the menu? Yes, that’s Library Club.  For instance, Library Club members received a bottle of Goldschmidt Vineyards PLUS 2011 Yoeman Cabernet Sauvignon in their Summer 2020 release, and a bottle of Tamber Bey Vineyards 2012 Rabicano Bordeaux Red Blend from the vintner's private library in their Spring 2020 release. These were selections normally available only to the winery’s wine club members. Library Club members also receive a special perk each quarter, like private VIP tasting and tours, barrel tastings with winemakers during their trips to California Wine Country, signed bottles and more. And now perhaps the best part--putting you in control.

Personalize Your Wine Club Experience

Each of the three wine clubs mentioned above can be personalized to include red wines only. If you prefer to only source red wine varietals, it is now possible with a click of a button. Simply log in to your profile and turn on the Reds Only feature to always receive only red wines with your quarterly wine delivery. Is your cellar getting a little full and perhaps you wish to skip this quarter? This isn’t a concern in the least, just log into your account and hit pause. Cellar Angels Wine Club Members are also able to pause their subscriptions at any time and there is no contract commitment. All Cellar Angels wine club members also enjoy access to some of the world’s best and brightest winemakers via video interviews and even private virtual wine tastings. 

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Give Back with Your Wine Purchase

Looking to do a little good while indulging in wine? You can feel less guilty about your “guilty pleasure” and give back to important causes with your purchase. The Cellar Angels wine club subscriptions are also the only wine club that allows members to support charitable organizations whose missions align with their values. Giving back through your wine purchase online is the best way to show support to a multitude of causes like animal rescue, military families, children affected by cancer and more. Pick your charity from this list and make sure to select it when joining the wine club or buying wine from the Cellar Angels wine marketplace. You can also change your preferred charity at any time.

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Steps to Join the Wine Club

Are you ready to enter your gateway to a world of wine wanderlust? It’s simple to join one of our wine clubs, simply sign up or sign in to your account and customize your quarterly wine club membership in your profile settings. Fill out your personal details, payment information, charity and pick your wine club from this page. Here you’ll also be able to select Reds Only, pause or change your club level (Flight, Tasting Room and Library).

You should expect your quarterly shipments to arrive in Spring (around the first week of March), Summer (around the first week of June), Fall (around the first week of September) and Winter (around the first week of December). Cellar Angels will notify you in advance of each quarterly billing to eliminate any surprises. Once your subscription ships, you will also receive a tracking number and as customary, an adult signature will be required at the time of delivery. You can view the current and previous wine club selections here.

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When you become a Cellar Angels Wine Club member, it’ll be difficult to imagine purchasing wine any other way. With the personalized wine subscription we hope you will enjoy discovering the best wines of Napa and Sonoma. Buying wine never felt so good.

Have we answered all your questions? If there’s anything else we can assist you with please don’t hesitate to contact us

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