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Cellar Angels' Partnership Will Create Awareness for Vasculitis Foundation

CHICAGO, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellar Angels, the country's leading caused-based wine company, continued its impressive growth in charity partnerships by partnering with Kansas City-based Vasculitis Foundation. For the months of May and June, in honor of Vasculitis Awareness Month, Cellar Angels will double their contributions for all wine purchasers selecting the Ilya Peckerman Fund, which raises monies for the Foundation's research efforts.

Founder and Cellar Angels President, Martin Cody, commented on the new partnership: "Wine lovers are usually creating awareness for new wines. Now we're banding together to create awareness and raise money through wine sales for this rare group of diseases impacting far too many people."

Cellar Angels is a unique wine buying site offering exclusive discounts on highly sought after Napa and Sonoma County wines. Every Tuesday, members receive an email alerting them to that week's offer. Accompanying each offer is a custom-made video showcasing the wine, winery and people making the wine so members can learn as much about the wine from the comforts of their home. After their purchase, members select from an impressive list of charities for Cellar Angels to donate funds towards. The Ilya Peckerman Fund, founded by on-air lifestyle expert Pamela Pekerman in honor of her father, is now available for selection.

"I couldn't ask for a better partner to help elevate the profile of The Ilya Peckerman Fund. The Cellar Angels community is vibrant, philanthropic and passionate about great wine and great causes," said Pamela Pekerman.

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About Cellar Angels

Cellar Angels was created by a compassionate group of wine-lovers intent on changing the world through wine. Their mission is simple: connect small, artisanal wine producers to larger audiences, expose wine lovers to exclusive purchase opportunities from partnering boutique wineries and raise money for a select group of charities. They love wine, love introducing others to great wine and love making a difference. Cellar Angels provides an opportunity to accomplish all three.

About Vasculitis Foundation

The Vasculitis Foundation (VF) supports and empowers patients through education, awareness and research. The VF was founded in 1986 to alleviate the isolation that patients and their families experience when these life-threatening diseases affect them. The VF educates people diagnosed with vasculitis, raises awareness of vasculitis with the general public and the medical community, and funds research. The VF established the VF Research Program, which has funded over $1,000,000 in vasculitis research to seek the cause(s) of vasculitis and more effective treatments, with the goal to find a cure for vasculitis. The VF Medical Consultants are recognized as among the world's finest and most experienced doctors in their respective fields. The Vasculitis Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

About the Ilya Peckerman Fund

The Ilya Peckerman Fund (IPF) was founded in 2010 in honor of Ilya Peckerman, a Wegener's patient who lost his battle on December 18, 2009, just after his 56th birthday. The purpose of the fund is to raise money for the Vasculitis Foundation's Research Program through silent auctions, unique collaborations and the newly created Shop4Vasculitis campaign.

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