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A Wine Collection Raffle to Support the Troops this Veterans Day

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What better way to honor Veteran’s Day, November 11th than to give back to those who sacrifice so much. Cellar Angels and Soldiers’ Angels are teaming up this week to bring awareness and raise money for our veterans as well as military personnel currently serving.

Soldiers’ Angels is a non-profit that started out as a small group of supporters and grew to a national organization. "May No Soldier Go Unloved," encapsulates the motivation behind Soldiers' Angels. The volunteers of Soldiers' Angels work tirelessly to demonstrate active care and concern for veterans, the wounded, deployed service members and their families. The amazing asistance they provide includes letters, care packages, emergency aid to military families, expensive technology to assist the wounded, additional protective equipment to keep them safe in combat, and so much more.

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Cellar Angels is THE socially conscious wine website offering wine lovers a unique way to support extraordinary causes by purchasing hand-crafted, small-batch artisan wines online direct from the winery. Enjoy tasting notes, recipe pairings, discounts, bonus offers and a behind-the-scenes video on each wine. Best of all, a portion of each purchase goes to the charity you select, and this week we’re asking you to select Soldier’s Angels.


Cellar Angels is donating a California Wine Collection worth $305 for this Veteran’s Day Fundraising drive. (See more information on the wines below.) GIVE $10 TO GET $10. If you donate $10 to Soldiers' Angels, you will receive a $10 coupon toward your next purchase with Cellar Angels AND a raffle entry to win the Wine Collection. Raffle closes Saturday, November 15th at midnight.

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Published by Denise Cody