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wcv_winery_before afterSince he was a young boy growing up in Napa Valley and working his family winery, William Ballentine was destined to be a world-class winemaker. He feels connected to the vines and believes this craft is in his heart and soul. It could be argued wine is in his blood too since winemaking dates back generations in both his maternal and paternal lines. His sincere style and humble dedication to touching the wine from grape to bottle shows through in the quality and elegance that has made William Cole Vineyards so sought after. But it's William's devotion to those who drink the wine that sets him apart. His wine is made with the wine enthusiast in mind.

Although William knew winemaking was his future, what he could not have predicted was that he would one day own the ghost winery he once played in as a child. William and his wife, Jane purchased the 19th century winery in 1999. While it had been used as a residence, it had not been a functioning winery since it closed during Prohibition. There was much work to do and they were determined to revive and preserve the history of the property. Today, history buffs enthusiastically visit the estate to learn and experience the property's rich past.

Although a pre-Prohibition winery, William Cole Vineyards employs modern winemaking techniques and focuses squarely on the desires of their clientele.

"The priority is on the taste and on maximizing quality." ~William Ballentine

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