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From Wesley Ashley Wines comes this Rhone style blend. The name Wesley Ashley, a combination of owner Jim Sloate’s middle name and his daughter’s middle name, is family run and fueled by a passion for making fine wines that are approachable and easy drinking. Jim Sloate is passionate about Rhone style wines and knew from the start that he would want to focus on Rhone varietals.

This wine truly exemplifies the philosophy of Wesley Ashley Wines; “a great wine has a soul”, and asks the drinker to ponder “is a fine wine simply the sum of its parts, or is there something else, something indefinable, that makes it truly special? Is a great wine a matter of science…or is it something more?”

About the Winemaker

wesleyashley_winemakerWinemaker Jason Welch began his decades-long career as a cellar rat for Heller Estates in Carmel Valley before working his way up the ranks to Assistant Winemaker at Lewis Cellars. He then spent some time at Charles Krug, The Ranch Winery and Barra of Mendocino. His years of experience have led him to a simple truth; “it’s a cliché in the industry, but you can’t make great wine without great grapes. I subscribe to the ‘less is more’ theory, and given quality fruit you will make some great wine.”

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