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About Keith Webster, Winemaker & Owner
Keith is a fascinating individual with a history as complex as his great wines. Since his father was a spy, he spent many of his childhood years in Europe. His family integrated with the European culture, allowing Keith to have small amounts of wine with dinner. Years later Keith had a passion and intrigue for Bordeaux wines and set out to learn more. At the same time, he was working on his other passion, art. Before taking on his winemaking career, Keith was holding gallery shows to display and market his artwork - though his love of wine wasn't too far behind. Eventually, Keith moved to California wine country to pursue his true passion, making Bordeaux style wines.
Keith feels wine is an experience to be savored and encourages all to enjoy a new and exciting journey through a bottle of his wine. "I create wines that are balanced, elegant and take you on a journey from the time you open the bottle until you consume the last drop. The wines develop in an ever changing scenery of the senses, morphing from "wound tight" to open and embracing, like a love affair. A new experience with every sniff of the glass and every taste of the wine, that, to me, is what fine wines should do. Create a journey of the senses." - Keith Webster
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