Tudal Winery

The Tudal Family draws upon four generations of grape-growing and winemaking experience to create their portfolio of limited-production, premium wines in Napa Valley.

The roots of this winery began with two key elements – love and war


Emigrating from Italy in 1912, George "Bacci" Cerruti found his new home in the area now known as Alameda, where he began a produce company.  His only daughter, Alma, caught the attention of Arnold Tudal, while he was serving in the Navy during World War II.  Coining himself a “male war bride”, the two married after the war and Arnold joined the family’s vegetable business.

In 1974, Arnold and Alma retired to northern Napa Valley and purchased ten acres on the Napa River near the base of the Mayacamas. On the advice of Louis P. Martini, Arnold planted Cabernet Sauvignon and was making his own "home-made" wines by 1977.  Tudal’s first commercial release was in 1979.

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