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About Stephanie Trotter Zacharia and Trotter 1/16 Winery
With one goal in mind, Stephanie left her home and her family in Philadelphia and set out to California to pursue her dream of making wine. After years of working her way up from tasting rooms to cellar master to apprentice winemaker learning the trade, she produced her first vintage in 2011. It was a challenging year to make wine in Napa Valley. Cool weather and heavy rains were obstacles, insurmountable for some.

However, pure passion, grit and determination drove this new winemaker to impart everything she had learned to make a great wine out of something that should have been just average at best. Stephanie's first vintage, the 2011 David Fulton Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, was not only great, it was an award winner, taking a Double Gold Medal at the American Fine Wine Competition in 2015. She is a young winemaker to watch. With this much talent and passion, there's no telling how long these wines will stay under the radar.

SIP Virtual Wine Tasting with Winemaker Stephanie Trotter Zacharia

We chatted with Winemaker Stephanie Trotter Zacharia on SIP Virtual Wine Tastings with Winemakers. Watch our interview and find the 'Ben's Blend' Cabernet Sauvignon for a limited time on Cellar Angels.


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Trotter 1/16 Winery
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