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Best Rosé for Summer | Keller Estate, Sonoma Coast

Cellar Angels' CEO Martin Cody kicks off our weekly #NoDumpBucket tastings with a mouthwatering wine from Keller Estate in the Sonoma Coast - the best rosé for summer!

How (Not) To Attend A Wine Tasting Like A Pro

Ah, the wine tasting. Just the place to expand your knowledge and understanding of the often mysterious world of wine. A place to share with others your love of the sweet nectar of God that the Pope recently declared “necessary for the celebration.”  Of course, he’s probably not talking about your weekly Celebration of Friday At 5:01pm, but nonetheless we can all agree just how important wine is to many of us.

How To Taste Wine

So you have been drinking wine for years. You know your favorite types of wine, favorite wine regions and feel confident in your ability to hold your own during a discussion with the snobby neighbors (who have been to Napa Valley TWICE, mind you) from down the street at the holiday cocktail party. Hosting wine laden dinners for family and friends is a point of pride for you.

Try Unoaked Chardonnay | Passaggio Wines

In this week’s #NoDumpBucket tasting, Cellar Angels' CEO Martin Cody discusses Chardonnay. This famed grape is easily the most popular wine in the world...and one of the most heated and debated. Grab a bottle of Passaggio Wines 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay from Winemaker Cindy Cosco and compare your tasting notes! 

Wine Tasting and Entertaining Ideas at Home

Wine is Liquid Art. I’m suggesting you think of it exactly like that. You may walk through a museum and observe a painting in any manor that you choose: from simply saying, “I like it” to critiquing color, technique and style. Whether you are having friends over for a wine tasting or a wine and food pairing planned, here are some of my favorite tips, followed by entertaining ideas:

wine tasting ideas

Wine Tasting: Old Vine Zinfandel Tonti Family Wines | #NoDumpBucket

Welcome to the #NoDumpBucket weekly wine tasting!  This week Cellar Angels' CEO Martin Cody discusses Old Vine Zinfandel. And we are not tossing around "Old Vine" lightly - these vines are 100 years old! Grab a bottle of Tonti Family Wines 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel from Peter Tonti and compare your tasting notes!