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Bruised, But Not Broken: Now’s the Time to Visit Wine Country


One one thousand. In the same amount of time it took to read that sentence, flames from the devastating wildfires in Northern California spread hundreds of feet. It is almost impossible to fathom how quickly the fire advanced across one of the most iconic wine regions in the world, annihilating everything in its path.


Liquid Art

On a daily basis, I meet people that have been born and raised here in Napa Valley that seem as if they’ve been in training on the refinements of various Cabernet clones since first grade….or at least that is what I imagine!  As for me, I was born the youngest daughter of Tom & Peg Trotter’s 16 kids in Philadelphia, PA.  We only had “fine wine” in the house for special occasions…and it was either Cold Duck or Blue Nun!

Napa Winemaker Aha Moments | Stephanie Trotter Zacharia

Guest Blog courtesy of Stephanie Trotter Zacharia
Co-Owner and Winemaker, Trotter 1/16 Winery, Napa Valley, California

One of the coolest aspects of being a boot-strap winemaker is that I get to play all the various winery roles. Honestly, some are more fun than others. I much prefer showing friends/customers around the vineyard or crush pad over say, accounting.

Wine Tasting and Entertaining Ideas at Home

Wine is Liquid Art. I’m suggesting you think of it exactly like that. You may walk through a museum and observe a painting in any manor that you choose: from simply saying, “I like it” to critiquing color, technique and style. Whether you are having friends over for a wine tasting or a wine and food pairing planned, here are some of my favorite tips, followed by entertaining ideas:

wine tasting ideas