Sciandri Family Vineyards

Bruised, But Not Broken: Now’s the Time to Visit Wine Country


One one thousand. In the same amount of time it took to read that sentence, flames from the devastating wildfires in Northern California spread hundreds of feet. It is almost impossible to fathom how quickly the fire advanced across one of the most iconic wine regions in the world, annihilating everything in its path.


When a small business can make a BIG difference

We are once again proud to partner with Cellar Angels and offer an amazing Single Vineyard Estate Grown Coombsville Cabernet. As a boutique producer in the Napa Valley, we identify with wines, like our family, that are rooted in tradition but made in the spirit of today. Our small vineyard, over that last two decades, has become synonymous with the quality and complexity of wines expected from the notable Coombsville AVA.