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How a 50 Year Dream Came True in Coombsville

By Guest Blogger, Paul Maroon
Owner, Maroon Vineyards 
“Years ago Joseph Phelps was a pioneer in [Coombsville] and discovered how wonderful the Cabernets were from this area.” –Paul Maroon, Owner, Maroon Vineyards 
After many years of dreaming about a life in Napa Valley, it finally came true for me in the year 2000 when we established Maroon Wines and Maroon Vineyards. 

What’s So Special About Estate Bottled Wines?

What’s So Special About Estate Bottled Wines?

Organic. Non-GMO. All Natural. Locally Sourced. Labels are full of qualifiers these days trying to set them apart from the rest. Some are regulated with stiff criteria – and some are nebulous. The same is true with wine.

“Reserve” is a great example of a word that is unregulated. It means many things to many people, and has gotten overused - to the point that for most it doesn’t mean anything anymore.