How to bring Napa Valley to you

Unless you’ve attained independent wealth and the constraints of day-to-day responsibilities of career, children, meetings and financial obligations are no longer hijacking your time, the ability to travel to Napa Valley once per week and partake of the best wines from Cabernet to Pinot Noir, is nearly impossible. However, the desire to enjoy a weekly escapade of fine wine, exploration, luxury travel and sensational dining we hope never fades.

Napa Valley Then and Now

It has been more than 30 years since we first visited Napa Valley together, and it’s sometimes hard to believe how much it has changed since then. The quiet towns of yesteryear now thrive, packed with restaurants and wine-lovers; and the once-sparse landscape has given way to endless rows of vines and wineries. Tasting rooms didn’t exist during our early years of visiting, so wine producers would invite you to sit in their kitchen, on their porch, or in their farm offices while drinking their wine with them.

The Team Behind the Malbec: Emerson Brown

This week represents a first – the first Malbec featured on Cellar Angels!  And as the honorary first, we wanted to showcase something really special.  Enter Emerson Brown, a powerhouse team with a large depth of winemaking knowledge and experience both nationally and internationally.

Learn about the partners behind this fantastic Malbec from the Oakville AVA in Napa Valley.