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What started out as as boyhood friendship growing up in wine country eventually evolved into Subterra Wines. While they all went out in the world to do their own thing, they now find themselves together again. The mission - make superb, artisan, small-production wines from the vineyards they have known since childhood. The name Subterra Wines, along with the label theme, grew from a desire to make "underground" wines that one can only get by knowing someone. The theme was carried through to the unique label seen today, skull and bones included.

Adam Ivor - Passionate about fly fishing, Adam has found that many of the problem solving skills needed for fishing translate to winemaking. He brings winemaking experience gained previously from ViansaBenziger, ImageryCathedral Ridge and Highway 12 Winery, but he's at home now making great wine with his friends and business partners at Subterra Wines. 

Kendrick Coakley - Though he doesn't catch fish in his spare time, Kendrick does enjoy catching a wave now and then. Having spent time gaining experience in the wine regions of San Luis Obispo and South Africa, he eventually settled back in Northern California working with Gloria FerrerStags' Leap WineryDon Sebastiani & SonsNapa Wine Co. and Glen Carlou

Emerson Simon - He may be a layman when it comes to winemaking, but Emerson is the financial brains behind the operation. His experience in Silicon Valley and a Fortune 500 company makes him a perfect fit for the Subterra Wines venture. Adam and Kenrick like having an extra pair of hands during harvest as well.

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