Stave 28

The name Stave 28 refers to the construction of wine barrels. A “stave” is the vertical wood piece of the barrel and “28” is the number of staves it takes to make a barrel.

Winemaker Michael Weyna has a 20+ year history in the wine industry as an importer, educator, buyer and restaurant owner. Many years ago, while living in Chicago and running his restaurant, Stained Glass, he began to experiment with winemaking by ordering California grapes each harvest. His artistic flames were fanned and he found himself relocating to Napa, eventually launching Stave 28.

What inspires Michael is that wines are never the same from vintage to vintage. He believes that as each of us are different from year to year, each wine should be different too. He likes his wines to have personality, not to be categorized. The wine industry often rewards producers based on a “homogenization factor”. Stave 28 exists to run against the grain of this view. Michael works hard to make honest wines and to celebrate the delicious diversity each harvest brings.

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