save the family farms napa valley

Save the Family Farms Napa Valley

Save the Family Farms Napa Valley
Save the Family Farms (501c3) is committed to creating a Micro-Winery Ordinance in Napa County so that small, family farms and vineyards have a reasonable path to compliance and can access direct to consumer sales at their vineyard sites.
Save the Family Farms members produce, on average, approx. 1,000 cases of wine/year from fruit grown on estate vineyards; they classify themselves as “micro-producers.” The group formed in 2016 in response to local legislation that prohibited small, family farms from hosting guests and selling their estate-grown wine at their own vineyard properties. In winter 2019 Save the Family Farms was published on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, which lead to tremendous visibility, new members and endorsement opportunities with local organizations. 

Why buying craft wines from small Napa Valley wine producers matters: watch this short message from Elise Nerlove Rutchick of Save The Family Farms


Rebecca Sciandri Griffin of Sciandri Family Vineyards shares more in this short video:

For more information:
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