Rios Wine Company

Three brothers – Manuel, Rafael and Alberto Rios – labored together in the vineyards of Napa Valley during their teenage years before going their separate ways in life. Manuel, the oldest, studied viticulture at Napa Valley College and worked hands-on in the vineyards before creating Rios Farming Company LLC in 1998. He now manages 750 acres of vineyards.

Rafael took a more academic path, studying landscape architecture at the University of California-Davis and then also studying law at Santa Clara University. After graduating in 1994, Rafael practiced at a Napa Valley law firm, eventually becoming a partner. He left to devote more time to Rios Wine Company and also practices wine law, real estate, business and immigration law from his own law office.

Alberto took yet another path, attending Humboldt University and University of California-Davis before joining Manuel at Rios Farming Company, where they continue to work together today.

Though these three brothers took different paths in life, the vineyards were always in their blood and brought them back together in the formation of Rios Wine Company where they work together to create wines that exemplify their passion for the grape and the rich heritage of winemaking of which they are so proud.

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