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The passion and commitment of the Rahn Family is self-evident, as each day begins with a walk in the vineyards sharing ideas and strategies to grow their family business.

"This is not an asset for us on a spreadsheet. This is more than that." –Bryan Rahn, Grape Grower/Proprietor

Rahn Estate was established in 1998. After working for a consulting company evaluating soils and designing vineyards, traveling to Napa finally caught up with Bryan Rahn and he took a leap of faith and acquired the 20-acre property. Certified soil scientist, Bryan was attracted by the gravely volcanic soils and high elevation of the site and designed the hillside estate vineyards on the Howell Mountain by hand-selecting Cabernet Sauvignon root stocks and clones to fit the micro-climates. The terroir of Howell Mountain allows for nuanced and concentrated fruit flavors and balanced tannin.

Bryan's son Dylan, now a viticulturist, and daughter Hannah, a winemaker, started exploring the vineyards and learning from their father at a very young age. Years later, the family continues to grow exceptional fruit and produce ultra premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Currently producing only a couple hundred of cases of each vintage, the family aspires to make up to 1200 cases as they grow and develop. 

"This isn't just a place where we grew up and we live here. We're connected to this piece of property. Seeing it develop from the ground up as a young child really instilled a sense of place for me, and being able to walk the vineyard every day with my dad and with my brother is therapeutic and beautiful and I love living here and experiencing everything that the land around us is." –Hannah Rahn

Rahn Estate Napa Valley Premium Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

Supported by Cellar Angels' charity partner Save the Family Farms Napa Valley, Rahn Estate is working to change a Napa county regulation and launch a micro-winery ordinance to allow small, family-owned vineyards to host wine tastings on their property and invite visitors. Visiting growers and tasting in a vineyard would allow wine consumers and Napa Valley visitors a unique, private experience many wine consumers seek as an alternative to a tourist-filled tasting room on their second or third visit to California Wine Country. 

The Rahn Family founded and operate a vineyard consulting company based in Napa Valley, Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc. Their consulting clientele includes top wineries in the ultra-premium wine growing regions of California. Through their consulting business the family works with world-class winemakers in many wine regions and have had the unique opportunity to evaluate how different climates, farming practices, rootstocks and grape varieties (and their clones) influence wine. 

Rahn Estate Napa Valley Premium Wine Cabernet Sauvignon
SIP Virtual Wine Tasting with the Rahn Family

To learn more about Rahn Estate and what a soil scientist actually does, watch our virtual wine tasting session and Q&A with Bryan, Hannah and Dylan Rahn of Rahn Estate.

SIP Virtual Wine Tastings is an ongoing live virtual wine tasting and education series. For schedule and guests click here.

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Rahn Estate 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
2012Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Mountain Vineyards, Napa Valley, CA

Watch us taste this wine with the Rahn Family on "SIP Virtual Wine Tasting with the Winemakers" series


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