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Cynthia Cosco founded Passaggio Wines in 2007. Her connection to the grape goes back generations to Old World Italian winemakers. As a child, she watched her grandfather make wine in the basement and wine was a part of every meal growing up in her Italian family.

After a fifteen year career in law enforcement, Cynthia decided it was time to get back to her roots and back to something she loves. She realized her true calling as a Winemaker. She began as a part time employee at Bevmo in Albany, CA and within the year was working full time at renowned Chateau St. Jean as Wine Chemist II. After three years with Chateau St. Jean, Cynthia decided it was time to begin making her own wine. During an open house at custom crush facility, Crushpad, she landed a job as Lab Manager. At Crushpad, Cynthia was able to make her Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Pinot Noir. When Crushpad moved to Napa Valley in 2010 she was promoted to Winemaker.

In 2011 Cynthia decided to leave Crushpad to focus full time on Passaggio Wines. Passaggio means “passage” in Italian and is a tribute to her Italian ancestors who, four generations ago, embarked on a journey to America. They blended heritage with their new surroundings and created a New Generation–-the inspiration for her wines. Working in wine allows her to wake up every morning excited and that energy shows through in her wines.


"I believe something magical happens when you bring wonderful friends, awesome food and great wines together."

You can experience this magic during a visit to Passaggio's new tasting salon in the heart of Sonoma. The historic Sonoma Plaza was voted one of the top attractions to visit in the region. The tasting room is located at 25 E. Napa Street, Suite C, and is known on the square to have the most white wines available (and they make some great reds too!). 

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Passaggio Wines
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Passaggio Wines 2017 Rosso Italian Blend
2017Rosso Italian Blend
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: California

Featured on SIP Virtual Wine Tasting with the Vintner on July 24th


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