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Olabisi Winemaker and Owner Ted Osborne stumbled upon the second love of his life, wine, when his wife took a job in Napa Valley. Ted began working in the vineyards and cellar at Cakebread Cellars when he realized this was his future. Throwing his entire life into the work, he began to apprentice and work harvests in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. He accumulated 7 harvests in Napa, South Africa, Bordeaux and Australia before going off on his own and producing the first vintage of Olabisi Wines in 2002.

OLABISI is traditionally a popular girl's name in Africa. Translated it means "joy multiplied". Because Ted Osborne believes the birth of his winery was similar to having another child, and because he feels immensely fortunate and great joy in having the opportunity to do what he loves, the name Olabisi seemed quite fitting a name.

In constant search of one-of-a-kind vineyard sources, Ted strives to showcase the uniqueness of each, allowing the wine full expression of its location.

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