Noble Wines

Hold and age! That method is rare, but successful for George and Patricia Noble of Noble Wines in Napa Valley. Both admirers of the sophistication a well aged wine reveals, they made the decision from the start to hold back releasing wines until they are ready to drink.

To that point, while the inaugural vintage of Noble Wines was 2004, their first release wasn't until 2010. This is not the standard for California producers. The logistics alone of storing 9 vintages can be quite the challenge. Like their last name, they strive to release noble wine all can enjoy.

As generous as they are wise, the Nobles are active fundraisers in the Napa community. 

About the Vineyards:
Pritchard Hill is a secretive place producing some of the most expensive wines in Napa Valley. Currently, it has no defined boundaries since it is yet to be declared its own AVA, but it is so worthy with such unique terror. With red dirt and volcanic clay soil, much of this land is full of rocks and boulders which make for well drained vineyards. This feature is key to making great Cabernet. It forces the vines to struggle, leading to small intense berries with thick skins. The mountain-top vineyards are above the fog and offer longer access to sun and moderate temperatures.
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Noble Wines
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