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Blessed with an Italian-American heritage, Rocco Califano was exposed to winemaking at an early age. For centuries the family led an agrarian life in the region of Campania, Italy where grapes for the market also became vino della casa. Salvatore Califano came to the New World seeking opportunity for his craft as a bespoke tailor. His profession aside, Salvatore brought along some traditions from back home. One of the family traditions was the making of wine. In the New World in New York, that was defined as crushing grapes, fermenting and barrel aging in the basement of the family home. One of life’s simple pleasures was instantly transported from the elegant hills of Campania to the bustling New World.

As a child of immigrant parents, Rocco was encouraged to pursue a professional path. Having spent the better part of his life as an executive in luxury goods, a rewarding career but at some level not as simple, or fulfilling as the life his parents lived, Rocco embarked upon a quest. 

Rocco created and launched Mulvane Wine Company for several reasons. Life is about family and friends, good food and good wine. In essence, these are life’s simple pleasures. One can travel the world for business or pleasure, but our fondest memories revert to life’s simple pleasures. He wanted to pay tribute to friends and loved ones that touched his life, while also pursuing his strong desire to keep alive his Old World roots.

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