Monticello Vineyards

Monticello Vineyards, owned by the Corley family in Napa Valley, is proud to be a family owned and managed winery. Founder Jay Corley came to Napa Valley in 1969 seeking land to plant and grow an estate vineyard. Forty plus years later, sons Kevin, Chris and Stephen manage the winery. Kevin is the Winegrower and President, Chris is the Winemaker, and Stephen, Director of Wine Sales. Monticello Vineyards is a small winery producing limited quantity artisan wines.

The Corley’s overarching philosophy is that great wines are made in the vineyards. This is why they have made such a tremendous commitment to ownership of the most suitable land for their grapes. 

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Monticello Vineyards
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Monticello Vineyards Corley 2018 Estate Grown Chardonnay
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Monticello Vineyard, Block 1, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley, CA

Featured on SIP Virtual Wine Tasting with the Vintner on September 18th


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