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This family owned and operated vineyard was purchased by David Jackson in 1996. The family sold grapes to other producers for many years until they started producing their own outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon from their prime Calistoga land. Calistoga would later become its own AVA (American Viticultural Area), now famous for its unique terroir-driven Cabernet Sauvignon. With the help of Kirk Venge, a renowned Napa Valley winemaker and one of the "top 26 winemakers in the world", Jax Vineyards now produces many different wine varieties and blends to satisfy all palates.
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The Jackson family focuses on producing wines people love and creating a wine legacy for their children. David Jackson's two children, Trent and Kimberly, came on board to help create a true family business.

To differentiate from their small lot single vineyard Jax line, they launched “Y3” to scale and offer more “true to varietal” wines from various AVAs (spanning Napa and Sonoma).   The “Y3” symbol was the cattle symbol used on their grandparents’ cattle ranch, Yarrayne.  The “3” represents three generations of land tilling entrepreneurs.

In 2013, the siblings recruited a third partner, Dan Parrott, a no nonsense individual with a laser focus on balanced wines (historically working in Italian import houses) and a true burgundian aficianado.  Dan keeps the sibling rivalry in check and runs Jax like a well oiled machine.

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Visit Jax Vineyards wine tasting room in the heart of the SOMA neighborhood, San Francisco, California.
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Jax Vineyards
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JAX Vineyard 2018 Calesa Vineyard Pinot Noir
2018Pinot Noir
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast, CA

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