Heibel Ranch Vineyards

Winemaker Trent Ghiringhelli grew up as an active child always playing outdoors in the beautiful landscape St. Helena has to offer. He studied Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In 1996 he returned to California and managed a local cigar shop before he was hired at ZD Wines in 1998. During his time there as Wine Educator, Trent gained much of the knowledge that helps him produce the high quality wines he does today.

In 1945, Trent's grandfather, George Bennett Heibel, purchased the land that would become Heibel Ranch Vineyards. The property, originally opened in 18973, eventually became a golf course and resort playground for Hollywood’s elite. Today, the resort is not in use, but is rich in history. Vineyards now grace the ranch and are appropriately named after Trent’s grandfather. The picturesque vineyards are CCOF certified organic and produce only small amounts (around 300 cases) each year.

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Heibel Ranch Vineyards
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