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Serendipity! Every winery has a special story of how they came to be, but a bike accident in Burgundy initiating a passion for winemaking? It's true. Boston born, Rodney Gagnon met the mayor of a quaint Burgundy town while recovering. One taste of the mayor's privately produced wines and Rodney was hooked.

"Great Wine. Greater Good." That's the mantra of Glasshaus Wines. A big believer in supporting local farmers and a member of a few CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) himself, Rodney wondered if he could use the same concept to start his wine label...and Glasshaus Wines was born. Thanks to a few who believed in the mission, Glasshaus Wines is a true community supported winery that places purpose over profit. This transparent business is steeped in doing the right thing from grape to bottle. Every decision made is focused on social, environmental and financial accountability. To show commitment to his community, 10% of sales support youth mentoring programs.

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