Gauthier Select Vineyards

With generations of French winemakers in the Gauthier family tree and a mentorship by wine country icons like Rodney Strong, you'd expect a haughty man in Greg Gauthier. Not so. A modest man, gracious and giving as he is hard working, Greg Gauthier has a passion for diamonds in the rough. Believing certain spots grow the best grapes for each varietal, he seeks out perfect grape growing vineyard locations for his wine selections, sometimes "selecting" just a row or two in a particular location of a vineyard. Greg's desire and ambition each year is to create complex flavors and have the opportunity to style wines that showcase grace and power.

Giving is in every bottle of wine as reflected in Greg's G-Squared philosophy. G-Squared is multifaceted, inspired initially by his name and morphed into a mission: Greg Gauthier, Ground to Grape, and Glass to Giving. Ground to Grape reflects the motivation to locate the best vineyard blocks and Glass to Giving is the spirit of making a great glass of wine and giving a portion of each bottle to charity. 

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Gauthier Select Vineyards
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