If I'm representing a winery, how can I learn more about a partnership with Cellar Angels?

Providing unsurpassed wine experiences is critical for separating Cellar Angels and the mediocre third party wine sites existing in the internet wine space. The mission as a marketing company is to promote high-end, limited production wine producers to serious wine enthusiasts. Cellar Angels provides its winery partners with zero up-front cost marketing opportunities through a focused campaign that includes: introduction to new customers, a custom-made video interview, social networking on TwitterFacebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and exposure on Cellar Angels’ blog site, The Daily Flight.  The custom video will be embedded in the offer and will also live on the Cellar Angels You Tube Channel. Winery partners build their client list and are exposed to serious wine consumers who otherwise may not know about the wine brand. A portion of the proceeds also goes to a charity of the wine consumer’s choice. To learn more click here

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