Due Vigne di Famiglia

Winemaker Ken Musso spent thirty years as a firefighter before changing careers to become a professional winemaker. Like many other modern day winemakers, Ken has winemaking in his blood. His father and grandfather produced large quantities of wine in a basement in San Francisco. Interestingly, Ken discovered several bottles of his grandfather’s final wine, a 1937 Zinfandel, in the family basement which acted as the catalyst for him to pursue winemaking. So for thirty years Ken made wine for family and friends and eventually educated himself further by attending classes and seminars at the University of California, Davis. In the mid-1990’s Ken and his wife purchased a plot of land on which to grow grapes, their first major step into the wine world.

Ron Houle became the Vineyard Manager in 2000 after moving to Napa Valley. He and Winemaker Ken Musso had a previous friendship during their first careers as firefighters. Ron and his family would not only make the annual trip to help Ken harvest grapes each season, but he also spent many weekends in the Musso Vineyards learning the intricacies of vineyard management before leaving his career as a firefighter to focus full time on the vineyard.

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Due Vigne di Famiglia
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