Dolcetto means “little sweet one,” in reference to its early ripening, which allows the wine to be drunk sooner than other varietals. Often considered an “everyday” drinking wine, it is a fairly straight-forward and uncomplicated wine. The wine is typically aged in stainless steel or briefly in large, neutral oak barrels; the wine is intended to be best consumed in its youth.

  • Aroma/Flavor Components:

Bakeshop (licorice), nuts (almond), fruits (plum and blackberry).

  • Structural Components:

Dolcetto produces a softer style of wine, characterized by low to medium acidity levels with soft tannin and a light to medium body.

  • Significant Locations:

This grape originates from the Piedmont region in northwest Italy—grown throughout many locations such as Dogliani and Monferrato and around the towns of Asti and Alba. The wines are often varietally labeled with the name of the town from where they derive,such as Dolcetto d’ Asti and Dolcetto d’Alba.