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Delgadillo Cellars is truly committed to releasing the highest quality wine. They do this with an unusual philosophy. They believe staying small helps them interact more effectively with consumers. There are also other key factors at play making the Delgadillo experience a unique one. It begins with an All-American story.
Ignacio Delgadillo, Sr. came to California from Mexico as a young man looking for a better life. Since then he has truly achieved the American dream with 30 years in the wine business. During that time he has been a vineyard worker, a cellar master and a winemaker. He's also an entrepreneur who started three wine businesses: a custom wood wine box company called Wine Country Cases, a vineyard management company and, with his son Ignacio Delgadillo Jr. in 2001, Delgadillo Cellars was born. Tending to their own vines is an important connection to the outcome of their exceptional wine. All year long the father and son team personally manage the very vines that produce their fruit.

You may have to wait patiently to experience the magic of each Delgadillo Cellars' vintage as they do not release the wine until it is ready to drink. Cabernet Sauvignon needs some TLC and age to show its best. They age for at least 8 years, sometimes longer. The current release is a 2009. Younger vintages are all tucked in their cellar, aging away to be appreciated by all at a later date to be determined. But it is truly worth the wait.

Experience Delgadillo Cellars firsthand during your next visit to the Napa Valley.  You can find their wines at The Wine Thief, located in the heart of downtown Napa across the street from Oxbow Public Market. 

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