Davis Family Vineyards

A fascinating journey guided Guy Davis toward owning his own vineyards and winery in the heart of Pinot Noir country, Russian River Valley. With early aspirations of a career in economics, a restaurant job with a chef passionate about wine took Guy's dream in a new direction. Those influences led him to viticulture and winemaking classes, a harvest in Burgundy and a brief marketing job at Kendall-Jackson Vineyard.  He also started a mail order 'direct-to-consumer' wine program. It wasn't until 1995 he found his home and Davis Family Vineyards was born.

Today, Davis Family Vineyards is thriving and true to its name. Guy Davis' two sons, Cole and Cooper, work alongside him to make their beautiful, award-winning wines.  They were also recently named PinotFile’s 2015 Winery of the Year!

 "We're not just out to make great wines, we're out to make great friends. From our vineyards and from our hearts." ~The Davis Family

Winemaker Guy Davis
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Davis Family Vineyards
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