Ounce of Prevention Fund

Successful businessman and philanthropist, Irving B. Harris, founded the OPF in 1982. Since it’s beginning, the organization has persistently pursued a single goal: that all American children, particularly those born into poverty, have quality early childhood experiences from birth to age five.

Their work is anchored in a growing body of scientific evidence around early brain development. They use private dollars to apply that science in developing innovative programs, and then leverage public funding to support their implementation and replication.

To date, The Ounce of Prevention Fund supports over 4,000 children and families via birth-to-five programs in Chicago and their Illinois network. In addition, they educate over 3,000 industry leaders about key issues in early childhood development and advocate for $500+ million in state funding and $5 billion in federal funding for early childhood services.

For more information: www.ounceofprevention.org

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