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Blue Rock Vineyard 2018 Baby Blue Red

Blue Rock Vineyard

2018 'Baby Blue' Red Blend
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Sonoma County, CA

Special Wine Club Selection!


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This wine is a special wine club selection and does not include an Angel Bonus Offer.
Blue Rock Vineyard Wine Club
Tasting Notes:

A gorgeous medium ruby in color, the seduction continues with alluring aromas of blackberry, boysenberry, graphite, toasted bread, vanilla and crushed rocks. Hints of black licorice, caramel, roasted coffee bean, bay leaf and green peppercorn all come into play as well. The palate follows through with an interplay of rich black and red fruits, warm dessert spices, sweet pipe tobacco and toasted oak, all lovingly wrapped in gentle tannins and proper acidity for a luxuriously long finish.

–Tasting Notes by Blue Rock Vineyard

  • Color: medium purple
  • Aromas: blackberries, black cherry, vanilla paste, leather, pepper, bay leaf, eucalyptus  
  • Palate: blueberry, cassis, tree bark, high acidity, sturdy tannins

–Tasting Notes by Cellar Angels

Blue Rock Vineyard Wine Club

Rogelio Alarvado - Associate Winemaker

Kent Humphrey - Consulting Winemaker

About the Winemaker:

The estate winemaking traditions of Blue Rock are perhaps best summed up with the French term, terroir, which acknowledges the environmental factors that make the vineyard site unique including soil, weather, appellation, and to that effect, the human element as well.

Running an estate vineyard offers more control over the winemaking process, which yields handcrafted wines of distinction and soul that also give a sense of place. The name Blue Rock originates from the local soil studded with blue pebbles, rocks, and boulders of serpentine. The serpentine rock defines the unique flavor profile of the vineyard as it naturally yields a smaller quantity of grapes.

Blue Rock Vineyard
About the Vineyard:
The 2018 Baby Blue Bordeaux blend marks a transition to primarily estate fruit for this cuvée. The vintage was simply stunning, especially at Blue Rock. While friendly and accessible young, this Baby Blue is no baby at all, but a very grown up red wine indeed. Celebrating the five primary varietals of Bordeaux, plus a bit of Syrah, this beautiful bottle offers an excellent introduction to our estate story with impressive poise and style.
Additional Winemaker Notes:
Food Pairing Suggestions:
You can pair this Baby Blue with just about any meal designed for a hardy red. Grilled beef, lamb or pork are no-brainers, but duck or chicken will do just as well. Hard cheeses, nuts and dried fruits will also go nicely if you are just snacking and sipping. Be adventurous with this one because it’s very hard to go wrong.
About the Winery
Blue Rock Vineyard Dating back to 1880, the 100-acre Blue Rock estate tells the story of how European winemaking came to Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. Italian immigrants brought with them olive trees, vine cuttings, and knowledge of grape growing. The region’s undulating golden hills and idyllic vistas even look reminiscent of Tuscany itself. Learn more