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Stave 28 2008 "Echo" Bordeaux Style Blend

Stave 28

2008 Bordeaux Style Blend
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: California


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Tasting Notes:

This wine was an experimental dance into blending and extended barrel aging. The name “Echo” comes from the fact that the wine reflects itself. Notes of berry pie and little flashes of spiced vanilla draw you into the earthy structure and Bordeaux-like features. A delightful wine, especially when finesse is needed with certain dishes. The blend was aged in 100% French oak. Each of the components received individual attention and was treated as its own wine. These separate lots of Echo were painstaking blended and returned to barrel for an extended time to build in more textures and flavor components.

“It’s my homage to the Medoc, a region that I respect greatly.”

Michael Weyna, Winemaker
  • Grapes
    Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot
About the Winemaker:
About the Vineyard:
Additional Winemaker Notes:
“So far I really like what I’m seeing from Michael Weyna and Stave 28!” – Jeff Lawson
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About the Winery
Stave 28 The name Stave 28 refers to the construction of wine barrels. A “stave” is the vertical wood piece of the barrel and “28” is the number of staves it takes to make a barrel. Learn more