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Sarah Francis Wines 2012 Chardonnay, Beckstoffer Carneros Lake Vineyard

Sarah Francis Wines

2012 Chardonnay
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Carneros, Napa Valley, CA


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For all case (12 bottle) orders, receive signed bottles by Owner/Winemaker, Sarah Francis.

Tasting Notes:

"Every once in a while, after tasting thousands of wines, you come across one that elicits a spiritual experience. This was that wine for me. It started out as a normal working day in Napa, meeting a winemaker for lunch. Sarah Francis brought her Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Since we were dining at a Thai restaurant, Sarah elected to open the Chardonnay. Cool-looking sophisticated bottle, beautiful gold color, a bit cloudy because it’s unfiltered, but the life changing moment began when I put my nose in the glass. I could tell instantly this Chardonnay had rare character. The aromatics met me halfway, pulling me in. It reminded me of the greatest white Burgundies of France. Yes, there were the ubiquitous pears and apples, but there was so much more.  It followed through to the palate as well…tropical fruit - pineapple and banana weaved in. A prominent lemon zest accompanied the fruit flavors. Hints of spice, vanilla and minerality danced through the harmonious layers with acidity that begs for food. With flavors of lemon meringue and orange blossom teasing, the finish was like dessert after a 12 course degustation; rewarding, but making you want more. The wine was perfect with the Thai cuisine, by the way.”

This wine is recommended for a very specific audience; those who love Chardonnay and those who dislike Chardonnay. Give it a try! 

Denise Cody, COO Cellar Angels
Sarah Francis
About the Winemaker:
About the Vineyard:
Additional Winemaker Notes:

Some would say sourcing grapes from a Beckstoffer Vineyard is a noteworthy accolade. 

General Food Pairing Suggestions:
You can't really go wrong with this wine. The acid and multiple flavor nuances make it a great pairing with a multitude of foods. Chicken, fish, shellfish and pork are meats that make good pairings. Try non-beef appetizers, most cheeses, risotto, Alfredo sauce and other cream-based dishes. Also pair with non-beef stews and soups. Experiment. This is a wine to have fun with.
About the Winery
Sarah Francis Wines Sarah Francis began her relationship with grapes and vines in her great grandmother’s garden at age four. As a little girl, Sarah gave the vines names, sang them songs, and performed puppet shows for them. This early affinity for vines fostered her life-long interest in viticulture and enology. Learn more