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Noble Wines 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

Noble Wines

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle Size: 750ml, 12/cs
Region: Napa Valley, CA


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Tasting Notes:

Mother-nature decided this 2008 wine was meant for food. While previous vintages of Noble Wines Cabernet Sauvignon fell more in the category of quaffable, this beauty, with its acidity and flavor profile, is decadently food-friendly.

Beautiful bright deep red.  On first pour, the nose is dominated by exotic Indian spices (think cloves and cinnamon). With a bit of swirling, aromas of dried flower along with those of red currant preserves emerge.  Without decanting, the mouth is very tight with a laser-like focus toward the front of the palate. The flavors are those of wild strawberries and sweet spice. It comes as a bit of a surprise compared to a more mature nose but provides a nice tension and is an indicator of how well this wine will age. After a good decanting, the palate broadens significantly and becomes sweet, warm, and amazingly complex.  Due to concentration on the vine due to late Spring frosts, concentration in barrel due to an entire extra year spent without racking, and because of its awesome acidity, this mature mountain-top Napa Valley beauty approaches the stature of fine young Brunello or Rioja.

Tasting Notes provided by Noble Wines
David Lattin
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General Food Pairing Suggestions:
The boldness and tannins along with the acidity give this Cabernet Sauvignon license to serve with equally bold and powerful dishes. As a matter of fact, this wine prefers food. Pair with beef, pasta with meat sauce, lamb, hamburgers and mushroom dishes. Serve also with hard aged cheeses like aged Gouda and Parmesan and rich chocolate desserts create a decadent pairing.
About the Winery
Noble Wines Hold and age! That method is rare, but successful for George and Patricia Noble of Noble Wines in Napa Valley. Both admirers of the sophistication a well aged wine reveals, they made the decision from the start to hold back releasing wines until they are ready to drink. Learn more