Bravante Vineyards

Founded in 1997 by Nancy Nies and George Bravante, Bravante Vineyards maintains a “quality over quantity” approach in order to preserve the integrity of the land. Bravante Vineyards is committed to bottling perfectly balanced wines that offer true expressions of all that Howell Mountain fruit has to offer.

The Howell Mountain AVA offers some of the most ideal wine growing soils and climate. At 2000 ft above sea level, much of the mountain is above the fog line, which gives a more even ripening. The breezes from the Pacific Ocean keep the temperatures cool with little risk of heat spikes. The terroir is an essential part of wine growing here. Volcanic soils that allow for good drainage make the vines struggle and grow deep roots to find water. This recipe of soil and climate make for small, intense berries, and therefore, complex and concentrated wines.



Read more about Bravante Vineyard's 'Trio', from Bravante's own "Winery Guy", Dave Mosher, and about Howell Mountain on our blog site, The Daily Flight.



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