Cabernet Sauvignon Inspired by André Tchelistcheff | Michael Trujillo Wines


"You might say this 2015 Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon has been thirty-six years in the making. I am very proud to introduce my fifth vintage of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon under my surname; Trujillo." –Winemaker Michael Trujillo



From a young age, Michael learned the value and reward of working the land. Born and raised on a southern Colorado ranch ingrained in him the value of hard work, tending to the land and the rewards that come from them. Additionally, the knowledge on how to cultivate and grow crops during the course of his upbringing on the ranch prepared him for cultivating grapes and the process of winemaking.

Michael discovered his passion for winemaking in the early 1980s during a spring break from his college studies as an engineer. On a road trip to California, he stayed with a family friend who had a small winery in Napa Valley. It was a life-changing visit, as Michael began to work alongside Jim Allen and his brother Steve in the planting of Sequoia Grove’s vineyard on the Rutherford Bench.  Working in the wine cellar and assisting Jim with the winemaking, Michael became captivated with the wine industry. 


Michael furthered his wine education at UC Davis and Napa College to hone in on the science side of winemaking. His greatest joy and understanding around the art of winemaking came from working alongside the legendary André Tchelistcheff.  The winemaking wisdom and influence Michael obtained from André is beautifully reflected in his Trujillo Wines today.


Michael has been associated with many successful wine brands and labels over the past three decades. Currently, he is the President and Director of Winemaking with Sequoia Grove Winery. Most notably, Karl Lawrence Cellars, which Michael founded in 1991 and made the wines up to the 2010 vintage. With his inaugural 2011 vintage, Michael solely launched Trujillo Wines. The Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon is the realization of Michael’s history, knowledge and experience, combining his keen love of the vineyard together with more than 36 years of winemaking proficiency.

“Trujillo Wines is and will be my greatest passion going forward. I welcome you to my journey.” –Michael Trujillo


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