Barbera is one of the grapes most commonly planted throughout northwest Italy. It is generally regarded as producing fairly straightforward and inexpensive wine though there are some excellent high-quality examples. Better examples are found when the wine has come from lower yielding vineyards and has been allowed to see some brief aging in a French barrique.

  • Aroma/Flavor Components:

Fruits (black cherry, sour cherry, and dried red berry) and light tobacco shop.

  • Structural Components:

Barbera is a deep-ruby-colored, light- to medium-bodied wine with low plus levels of tannin and high levels of acidity.

  • Significant Locations:

This grape originates from the Piedmont region in northwest Italy—most highly regarded in Monferrato and around the towns of Asti and Alba. The wines are often varietally labeled along with the name of the town from where they derive, such as Barbera d’Asti or Barbera d’ Alba.